Sunday, October 28, 2012

The letter.

Dancing in the rain,
I taste these droplets so divine,
Knowing you are near,
Though I am so far behind,
I rushed home, I need to,
I desperately struggled for the next breath,
I shut the world away from me,
I met my silent death,
And suddenly, appallingly,
You pulled the strings,
The curtain of darkness fades away,
I utter in disbelief of the joy your world brings,
My hands trembled,
They shook,
Longing for another to comfort me,
Something in me ran wild,
I can't control it anymore so I let it be,
Just be.

Circa September 2001

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I dreamt of seeing the world,
Crossing oceans and venturing the unventured,

Dreamt of power,
And empowering whom I love and had loved,

Dreamt of naked trees,
Waiting to bloom, slender branches stretched and curved,

Dreamt of you,
The beautiful you, affection undeserved,

Dreamt of me,
My curious soaring dreams,
Yet here I am,
Rooted to the earth,

Circa September 2001

Sunday, October 14, 2012


As tears fall silently,
My smile rushes through the capillaries from my heart,
I craft your silhouette,
Moments slowly part,
Paint your face with pallets of rainbow,
Your eyes piercing through mine,
I pray and hope your love will show,
Angelic rays shining aligned,
I have loved you,
Through words and words alone,
Hanging on, today I still do,
Feelings unspeakable, untouchable, unknown,
Cries, they fall into the depth of silent night,
Glimmer, a mix of sadness, joy and purity,
I rather have one moment and lose my sight,
Than forever breathing in this insanity.

circa September 2001

Saturday, October 13, 2012


You promised we will sit all night in the park,
I went there but you never came.

You promised we will watch shooting stars,
I laid awake but you never came.

You promised all things nice and sweet,
I waited with patience abounding,
But you never came.

You promised we will be on top of the world,
I wanted so much too but you never came.

You promised you will handle me with care,
I was ready but you never came.

You promised a million words,
I listened with my heart,
You promised to bring me with you,
I packed my hopes,
You promised the world,
I was ready to embrace,
You promised to dry my tears,
I let it all fall,
You promised to be there,
I went searching,
You promised you won't break my heart,
I took the risk,
But it was all the same.

circa Sept 2001