Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mickey Mouse Flies the Christmas Mail - Annie North Bedford.

Originally printed in the 50s, this is a precious find from the recent Big Bad Wolf books sale.  I used to own a lot of these 'little golden book' series when I was young and have no idea where it all went to and I'm so happy to find one that's so vintage!

This book, needless to say takes only 2 minutes to finish.  It's not so much about the story for me, but it's really the illustrations by Walt Disney retro-style that really brings a warm fuzzy feeling to the heart.  Really brings me back to my childhood days :)

Love this.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tate Artist Timeline - Sara Fanelli for Tate.

A very comprehensive yet simple pointer of what's what and who's who in which year starting from the 1900s in the art world.  Names of artists are strategically placed to give you an idea of how the periods are engaging and overlapping one another.  This is truly a great reference (and collectible) to those who have an appreciation of art.

Unfortunately, you can only purchase this at Tate's museum shop but I do have a copy here if you wanna borrow.  Just make sure you cross your heart to take extremely good care of it.  Always remember to enjoy the history behind every piece of art :)