Friday, December 23, 2011

BOO - The life of the world's cutest dog - J. H. Lee.

In Malaysia, we will start by exclaiming 'wah lao eh'.  What does it mean?  It's a phrase you use to display extremity of feelings towards something.  In this case, it is what else but cuteness overload.  Seriously, what. on. earth. is. this. thing. with. a. funny. haircut. and. such. chewable. fluffy. puffs. as. paws?

Boo, if you don't already know is the (yes, as titled) the world's cutest dog.  He rose to fame on social media because people just couldn't stand not telling someone else how cute this thing is and/or the fact that they are going through strong resistance to wanna bite something.  Just take a look at him and you will know what I mean.  Cause I seriously can't help but wanna just... squeeze something every time I look at him.

Anyway, the book is really a pictorial diary of Boo which you could finish in 5 minutes browsing, or 50 minutes if every page you stop to go 'eeek!'.  The photos are extremely well composed (well, Boo is well composed and seems to love the camera) but I wish the captions were more endearing.  Right now, it's a narration of Boo's voice but I thought he wasn't such a straightforward dog.  I feel that he's funnier and the captions should reflect that ;) then it would really have been perfect.

I have a Cat too.  And someday, I hope Cat has his book too.  I wish I was a more... gung-ho owner like Lee.  Sorry Cat :( I promise to be better next year!

Join Boo's Facebook fan page here.  2.6 million fans yo, beat that ;)